Migrating DaaS Apps in the Cloud


TechTarget Guide for Migrating Apps for Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)


Determining what those apps need — and which ones have dependencies that eliminate the cloud as an option — are persistent questions for IT teams to answer.


This TechTarget handbook looks closely at the process involved in taking an on-premises application and shifting it to the cloud.

Included is a discussion of how to determine which apps might be good candidates for migration. Certain types of apps, such as those that experience sharp bursts in use, will likely generate a return quicker than ones that see more steady usage.

Another important consideration for cloud app migration is to have access to the right tools from your service provider. These sorts of tools will enable a business to monitor and manage an app during and after migration to the cloud.

Table Of Contents

  • Key considerations for app migration
  • Reducing costs is possible, but not guaranteed
  • Migration tools can make all the difference

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