Qnectus Data Rooms – A Cloud-Portal for a Complete ECM Solution

Qnectus Records Management allows financial services firms of all kinds to seemlessly manage, secure, and provide access to both critical and non-critical documents through a user-friendly online portal.

Qnectus Financial offers an enterprise-worthy, cloud-based records management portal of unparalleled quality and value. Successful document management systems today require the ability to accept and combine information from many sources, organize it, distribute it, and provide access security. Qnectus Financial’s records management portal does this and more.

Why our Records Management Solution?

Like everything that we do, our records management offering is highly-customizable to the unique needs of the end user, but standard iterations include:

  • A user-friendly online portal
  • Permission settings for different classes of users (internal and external)
  • The ability to accept and combine information from many sources into a single unified platform
  • Covered input types include: paper files, archival box storage, document images, digital application files, computer print files, emails, faxes, and website input
  • A variety of physical output media (if desired)