Our Solutions

Qnectus offers solutions in the areas of cloud desktop, managed services, disaster recovery, and VoIP telephony.

Cloud Desktop – A Hassle-Free Workforce Solution

Qnectus delivers and supports cloud desktops and applications on-demand to every user. Qnectus offers an enterprise-worthy cloud desktop product of unparalleled quality and value. Providing all of the benefits of a typical desktop infrastructure, but without the costs and/or risks associated with a customer selecting, owning, and managing the requisite physical resources in-house.

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Hybrid Solutions – Customized for Your Business

Qnectus offers customers the ability to support and manage both cloud-based and on-premise infrastructure simultaneously.  Our solutions allow customers to take advantage of some benefits of virtualization, while recognizing that not all infrastructure may be able to be migrated to the cloud immediately.

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Managed Services – Traditional IT at its Best

Qnectus offers a variety of managed services programs which can readily be customized to cover the general cross-section of IT needs in a variety of industries. By taking an holistic and proactive approach to IT systems, Qnectus and its team of experienced professionals can dramatically improve the IT experience of its clients while simultaneously lowering costs over time.

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VoIP Phone – Quality and Reliability for your Business

The modern business enterprise needs an affordable phone system that is reliable, high quality, and feature-rich. Our VoIP offerings eliminate the costs and complexity of managing your phone systems in house and create a seamless environment for voice, e-mail, video, and messaging.

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Disaster Recovery – Going Beyond Traditional Backup

Qnectus Disaster Recovery provides access to all of your business applications and data in the event of a disaster from anywhere on any device.  Our solution is more comprehensive than traditional online backup and much faster than traditional IT disaster recovery – 24 hours or less.  Real peace of mind for your business can be had at no risk and a low monthly cost.

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